Packing & Shipping

Our stems are handled with care from the field, being hand cut, to our pack house for grading, bundling and immediate storage in our onsite cooler awaiting shipment.  To ensure our peonies are of the highest Alaska Peony standards on all orders, stems are bundled and hand-packed in soft packing material with gel packs in our sturdy shipping boxes.

We have a variety of shipping boxes available depending on the size of your order.

  • Bouquet Box holds 20-30 stems
  • Medium Box holds 50-100 stems
  • Large Box holds 100+ plus stems

(Box capacity can vary depending on the variety and stem length.)

FedEx offers Overnight shipping ** to most destinations in approximately 24 hrs from Homer, Alaska to the nearest station available.  You can receive tracking information through the FedEx website once we ship so that you can anticipate arrival time.

**Overnight FedEx cost will range from approximately $25-$48  depending on the weight and size of your box.

** FedEx Overnight shipping costs are estimates

Box sizes will be based on shipping order.  There is a flat box fee of $8.00 for each box which includes; gel packs, soft padding, paper and flower food packet.